Sunday, March 17, 2013

Learning to Play the Guitar

I’m not just sports-minded and fully-techy. I’m also very fond of music including playing some musical instruments like the guitar. When I was a lot younger, I had the chance to pursue my interests in playing the piano and guitar but I blew it. I wasted the chance.

I lost my interest in playing even if my wife plays the keyboard and the guitar. It was fine with me to just watch her play. Until recently when I gave my commitment to be involved in the ministry, I saw the need to learn and I experienced the enjoyment there is when jamming with a friend who’s into guitar playing too.

I needed to catch up. I played slowly and I just felt I needed to learn as quickly as I could. The problem: I am a very busy person and enrolling in a music school is not my option. My wife teaches from time to time but for a very limited and crazy schedule, learning can never be as easy as pie.

One thing that contributed to my ease of playing and more harmonious execution of chords is through jamming with my wife and a friend. I have to admit though that the best solution for my acquiring a more sufficient ability has always been the internet. Whenever I want to play a certain song, I would google search the lyrics and chords. After printing a copy, I would go to, search for the song and right from there, I learn to play from different sites that offer tutorials.

Truly, the internet can be very helpful in almost everything you intend to have knowledge of. The learning process by way of internet can be a very delightful experience especially for those who don’t have the time to enroll in a regular class.